The 15 Best Vacuum Sealers For Fish and Game

Food storage solutions are necessary if you hunt fish or game. Hunting seasons are short, and sometimes you end up with extra meat that you can’t eat. The best way to store extra fish or game meat is to use a vacuum sealer.

Vacuum sealers can help preserve your food by sucking all the air out of a bag or canister. Besides improving shelf life, vacuum sealers are also helpful for sous vide cooking, keeping valuable metals protected from oxygen exposure, and more.

Here are the best fish and game vacuum sealers out there.

The Best Vacuum Sealers For Fish and Game

Top ProductsRatingItem Dimensions
1. Mueller Austria Vacuum Sealer Machine4.414 x 3 x 5 inches
2. Anova Precision Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer4.616.73 x 4.8 x 3.14 inches
3. Nesco Deluxe Vacuum Sealer VS-124.615.75 x 8 x 4.5 inches
4. Weston Pro-2300 Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer4.515.3 x 23 x 9 inches
5. FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealer4.517.6 x 5.9 x 10.6 inches
6. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer4.63.3 x 3.35 x 7.88 inches
7. FoodSaver Cordless Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer4.54.33 x 6.5 x 11.42 inches
8. FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game GM710 Food Preservation System4.523.7 x 5.2 x 10.2 inches

1. Mueller Austria Vacuum Sealer Machine

This vacuum sealer creates strong seals and features an easy-to-use control panel. If you want a machine that gives you complete control over the sealing process, this one is a great choice. It has options for gentle or airtight vacuum sealing, so you don’t have to worry about damaging delicate foods. Additionally, it has settings for moist or dry food to suit your needs.

This machine helps protect your fish and game meat against mold and bacteria. It also helps preserve your food for several years for optimal taste, texture, and appearance. Finally, this vacuum sealer machine is compact enough to hide away in a kitchen cabinet, pantry, or drawer.

2. Anova Precision Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer

This sealer is fuss-free and ideal for preserving food. The sleek and simple Anova vacuum sealer extracts air quickly for a leak-proof seal. You can use it with different sized bags for saving large batches of fish and game meat.

It’s a compact machine, making it perfect for people in apartments with limited counter space. It features a pulse suction button to let you have more control over suction, especially when sealing delicate meat. Also, this vacuum sealer comes with ten pre-cut vacuum seal bags.

3. Nesco Deluxe Vacuum Sealer VS-12

If you’re looking for a smart food storage solution, consider the Nesco Deluxe Vacuum Sealer. It has several settings to ensure great results. There are different settings for dry foods, moist foods, and a double heat seal option.

This machine has a built-in bag cutter and roll storage for added convenience. A double vacuum pump extracts air from your sealed package within seconds and gets a tight seal every time. There’s also a pulse feature to give you more control over the sealing process so that fish and game don’t get damaged.

4. Weston Pro-2300 Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

This restaurant-quality vacuum sealer is perfect for sealing large batches of fish and game meat. It’s great for fishers and hunters or those who buy meat in bulk at warehouse clubs to save money. It’s also perfect for those who want a quick solution to marinate their meat.

This commercial-grade vacuum sealer has a double piston pump with 935-watts of power to safely seal your fish and game meat. The durable motor is fan-cooled for easy sealing and repetitive use, and the extra-wide 5mm seal bar ensures a tight seal with no leaks. If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable machine, this one is a good choice.

5. FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealer

The FoodSaver vacuum sealer is affordable and easy to use. If you want to preserve the natural freshness of your food, consider buying the FoodSaver vacuum sealer. It features a latch lock system for safe and effective food storage.

This vacuum sealer prevents freezer burn and locks in nutrients and taste. It features a dishwasher-safe, removable drip tray to preserve marinated meats. You’ll also get an accessory hose, sealer bags, and a vacuum seal roll. It’s a small machine, so you’ll save some counter or cabinet space.

6. SEAL-A-MEAL Manual Vacuum Sealer

This budget-friendly vacuum sealer features a compact design, indicator lights, and a removable drip tray for easy cleanup. It can accommodate standard-sized bags, including 8-inch rolls, 11-inch rolls, and gallon-sized pre-cut bags.

Keep fish and game meat safe from freezer burn and dehydration with Seal-a-Meal. This vacuum sealer removes air from specialty bags and creates a leak-proof seal to lock in freshness. It helps preserve food and ensures it remains as tasty as the day you sealed it.

7. Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine E2800-C xxx

This compact machine seals specialty bags for food storage, freezing, and sous vide cooking. To seal bags, place the end into the vacuum and press down to lock the bag in place, and then press the vacuum button.

A sealing indicator helps you stop vacumming and seal the bag before it is fully vacuumed, which is great for fish and game meat. You can also use the sealing function without vacuuming first, which is ideal for making bags.

This vacuum sealer includes five 7.8 x 11.8-inch bags and one 7.8 x 78-inch roll of bag material to get you started. 

8. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

This vacuum sealer preserves food up to five times longer than regular plastic bag storage. It’s a versatile sealer featuring a compact size and quiet operation.

The NutriChef vacuum sealer comes with dry and moist sealing options. That means you can seal anything from soups to marinated game meat and fish. It has a suction rate of twelve liters a minute, with smaller food items being sealed in as little as three seconds. The kit features five medium-sized bags and one extra-large bag roll. If you need more options, you can easily repurchase replacement bags from NutriChef or vendors.

9. NESCO VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer with Bag Starter Kit

If you’re looking for an efficient and easy-to-use vacuum sealer, the Nesco VS-02 machine may be for you. It features a sleek design and handy features that make vacuum sealing a breeze.

This vacuum has a bag roll compartment, a built-in bag slicer, and marked buttons for easy sealing. You can also customize your bag size to meet your storage needs. If you want airtight food packaging, this one is a great option.

10. FoodSaver Cordless Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer

This compact vacuum sealer fits comfortably in hand and on the kitchen counter when not in use. It is ideal for small kitchens and also makes a good travel unit for fishing and hunting trips. Plus, it lets you vacuum seal without a power source anywhere you want to.

This machine has a built-in lithium-ion battery for quick and easy sealing. It draws out air from vacuum zipper bags with the press of a button. Lastly, it is compatible with FoodSaver bags, containers, and accessories.

11. FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game GM710 Food Preservation System

This high-performance vacuum sealer makes sealing fresh catches and game meat a breeze. It features a carrying handle and a 15-foot power cord and is ready to take fishing trips and field hunts. You can seal fresh fish and game at the peak of freshness.

The GameSaver can handle large batches and can seal up to eighty packages in a row without overheating. It has rubber, non-slip buttons for efficient operation in the field or back home. Lightweight, portable, and powerful, the GameSaver is a must-have for hunters.

12. Zwilling Fresh & Save Vacuum Starter Set

This is another great vacuum sealer for fish and game. It is also suitable for meal prep, marinades, storing leftovers, and preparing sous vide bags. The set features a cordless, handheld vacuum, glass storage containers with leak-proof lids, and plastic storage bags. These bags are reusable, have tight-sealing closures, and are safe for use in the freezer, dishwasher, microwave, or sous vide cooking up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

This vacuum sealer helps save valuable space in your kitchen. A single power button activates the sealer and automatically shuts off when enough air has been removed from the storage bag. Overall, it’s one of the best vacuum sealers out there.

13. KOIOS SHA1203FBAA Vacuum Sealer

The KOIOS vacuum sealer is lightweight and ensures a perfect seal. It features a built-in cutter to help create custom-size vacuum sealer bags to preserve fish and game.  

The AC power cord is removable, making it easy to store. Its compact design helps save space on your kitchen countertop. Additionally, the anti-skid design keeps the vacuum sealer firm and stable when sealing. If you want to create the best airtight seals for preserving fresh fish and meat, consider the heavy-duty KOIOS vacuum sealer.


This heavy-duty countertop vacuum sealer features stainless steel construction, variable settings, and a clear lid for easy bag sealing.

The digital control panel has standard vacuum and seal buttons, plus some extra functions for added convenience. The A100 makes a secure seal of 5 millimeters so that you don’t need to double seal. A built-in cooling fan prevents overheating while processing bulk supplies. Finally, the user-friendly design and rugged construction make this vacuum sealer a great option for fish and game meat.

15. Blusmart Vacuum Sealer

The Bluesmart vacuum sealer is another great choice for fish and game. It has reliable sealing performance, practical settings, and easy operation.

This machine comes with a bag cutter for custom-size packaging and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. It is ideal for preserving dry or moist foods, marinating, and sous vide cooking. It helps you maintain the freshness, aroma, and original flavors of fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Lastly, the backlit control panel has soft-touch digital buttons and is simple to use.

How Do Vacuum Sealers Preserve Fish and Game?

A vacuum sealer draws all the oxygen out of a canister or food storage bag and then seals the opening. It helps preserve the food by limiting its exposure to oxygen and moisture. It also prevents insect infestation, and mold, and mildew growth. By the end of the process, you’ll have neatly packed fish and game meat with extended shelf life.

Using a vacuum sealer to preserve meat in the freezer also reduces the enzyme reactions that may spoil perishables. As a result, you can keep fish and game meat fresh for months. Vacuum sealing is ideal for hunters and bargain shoppers who like to store fish, poultry, and meat in bulk.

Buyer’s Guide

Types of Vacuum Sealers

To choose the best vacuum sealer, consider what you want the machine to do. Chamber and external vacuum sealers are the two main choices, and which one you pick depends on your budget. Some people may also benefit from a pistol-type vacuum sealer.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

If you enjoy fishing and hunting, chamber vacuum sealers are the best option for you. These machines can help seal large batches of fish and game meat and can also seal liquids. They have a high upfront cost but give you better performance and versatility than external vacuum machines. If you’ll be packaging fish and game frequently, a chamber vacuum machine is a must-have.

External Vacuum Sealers

If you are doing occasional sealing, external vacuum machines are a good choice. They are a budget-friendly option for quick and easy sealing. If you’re trying out vacuum sealing for the first time or need a light-duty machine, external vacuum sealers are perfect for you.

Pistol-Type Vacuum Sealers

A pistol vacuum sealer features a special bag with a built-in valve. Using a handheld sealer tool, you have to manually seal the bag and then draw out air through the valve.

Automatic vs. Manual Vacuum Sealers

Manual vacuum sealers let you adjust how long you want to draw air out of the bag. This is a great feature if you’re packaging delicate items like scones and muffins. Once you set up a timer, it’s easy and safe to use a manual vacuum sealer.

Automatic vacuum sealers are ideal for fish and game. On automatic machines, the vacuum cycle runs until all of the air is sucked from the bag, which is faster than setting a timer. If you’ll be packaging durable food items, this is a more efficient system.

Vacuum Sealer Features

High-end vacuum sealers feature special buttons for sealing plastic bags, and some might also have the ability to seal containers for marinating foods. Regular models have fewer features and a lower price point, but they take up less space and are suitable if you don’t need the extra amenities.

Once you’ve figured out whether a chamber or external sealer is better for your needs, you’ll want to consider other design features.

Gas Flush

  • This helps replace oxygen in the bag with other gases, including carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
  • It improves shelf life and is great for delicate items that could be damaged.

Pulse Mode

  • Allows you to pull out air on-demand.
  • Ideal for packaging delicate items that could flatten under vacuum pressure.

Bag Cutter

  • Allows you to cut the perfect size bag.

Vacuum Sealer Accessories

Vacuum packaging bags are essential if you want to preserve fish and game. These tools will save money and enhance the productivity of your machine.

Vacuum Sealer Bags and Rolls

You will need to choose the right type of bag for your vacuum sealer. Pick a bag with an open-end shorter than your vacuum sealer’s seal bar. If you have a chamber machine, pick a bag that fits inside the chamber.

You can also buy vacuum sealer bag rolls to cut custom-sized bags. Look for a vacuum sealer that stores bag rolls. The plastic rolls will always be inside the machine and will be cut to length when needed.

Vacuum Sealer Canisters

Vacuum sealer canisters are suitable if you seal fragile items or want a reusable container for added convenience. These accessories also allow external machines to package liquids like soups and stews. Just make sure that you choose a sealer that can accept canisters.

Vacuum Sealer Filler Plates

When you want to seal small bags that don’t use the whole chamber, a filler plate can take up space and reduce the vacuum time. When you need extra space for larger bags, just take the plate out.

Bone Guards

Foods with sharp surfaces, like bone-in meats, can puncture the storage bag. Bone guards provide extra padding to prevent the storage bag from ripping against these edges during the vacuum cycle.

How To Vacuum Seal

Season or pat dry meats before vacuum sealing.  

If you’re vacuum sealing meat, pat it dry with a paper towel before placing it into the vacuum bag. You can also season your meat for added flavor.

For example, pack up a fillet of salmon with salt, black pepper, dill, and lemon to infuse the fillet with these flavors. Alternatively, you can vacuum seal pre-seasoned game meat to lock in flavor and freshness.

Place the food item in a storage bag.

When you’ve prepared your food items for packing, place them into a bag large enough to fit the items with some room to spare. You can leave two to three inches between the food item and the side of the bag that you’re sealing. This will give you room to lock the vacuum sealer’s lid over the storage bag’s opening. Some storage bags have a maximum fill line, so check your bag for a line near its opening.

Vacuum seal the storage bag.

Open the vacuum sealer’s lid, position the storage bag at the sealer’s mouth, close the lid, and listen for a clicking sound that indicates it’s locked. Once it’s locked, press the seal function button to activate the vacuum sealer and compress the bag.

Sealers have one button to vacuum and seal and another just for sealing. Check your instruction manual for specific information about how your appliance’s controls are labeled.

How To Use A Vacuum Sealer to Make Vacuum Storage bags 

You can make vacuum bags by placing two plastic sheets on top of each other. Place one side of the sheets into the vacuum sealer and press the “Vacuum Seal” button to heat seal the sheets’ edges together. Repeat the process to create seals on three sides, leaving one side open for you to pack the food item you want to vacuum seal.

Benefits Of A Vacuum Sealer

Here are some benefits to buying a vacuum sealer:

Save Time and Labor

Seal family-sized portions of fish and game meat and freeze. When it’s time to eat, take out the portions you need and prepare your meal. This is very useful when cooking sous vide. Just pop the portions you need into your sous vide pot and cook until done.

Save Money

Buying or hunting game meat in bulk helps save money, and sealing ensures you have a ready supply of cooking ingredients.

Preserve Food

Vacuum sealers preserve fish and game meat by preventing the growth of mold. Vacuum sealing deprives your food of moisture and oxygen. Mold cannot grow without oxygen.

Protect Food

The sealed vacuum bag keeps moisture away and helps reduce food spoilage.

Improve Shelf Life

Vacuum sealing helps extend the shelf life of your frozen food. If you want your food to stay fresh, consider using vacuum sealers. Vacuum sealing can preserve perishable food longer than regular storage methods. Most vacuum-sealed foods can last up to three years in the freezer and up to three weeks in the refrigerator.

Vacuum Seal Leftovers

Vacuum seal any leftover fish and cooked game meat right away. This helps reduce food waste and gives you another meal for the future. You can freeze the leftover portions for months and pull them out for a meal that tastes fresh. 

Efficient Food Organization

Vacuum sealing makes for efficient food organization and packaging. Vacuum sealed food takes up less space in your refrigerator and allows you to see your stored foods.

No Freezer Burn

Vacuum sealers protect food from freezer burn and dehydration. Freezer burn occurs when your frozen meats are exposed to air and water. Vacuum sealing creates an airtight environment, preventing the formation of crystals that may cause freezer burn. It also helps retain food moisture, allowing you to enjoy great-tasting game meat months after you have stored it.

Vacuum Sealed Food Tastes Better

Vacuum sealing locks in juices and the delicious flavor of the food.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does vacuum-sealed food last?

Sealed food in the freezer can last many years, and sealed food in the refrigerator will last a few weeks. Vacuum sealed game meat will last about a month in the refrigerator and three to four years in the freezer. Whole fish or fish filets will last about six days in the refrigerator and three to four years in the freezer.

Sealed vegetables will last two to three weeks in the refrigerator and two years in the freezer. 

Where can I buy vacuum seal bags?

Vacuum seal bags are available at retailers that sell kitchen appliances. Most vacuum sealers can use any brand of bag. Some sealers have built-in storage for bag rolls, which lets you create bags of any size.

Can I use chamber machines to vacuum seal liquids?

Yes. You can use chamber machines to package liquids and wet foods without any extra accessories needed.

Can I use external machines to vacuum seal marinated meats?

No. External Machines are not suitable for sealing liquid-rich foods like marinated meats since the liquid gets sucked out of the bag with the air. Some units might have a “marinate” button, but this requires the use of a container. One way around this is to freeze the marinated meats before packaging them.

Which vacuum sealer is ideal for commercial use?

Chamber Machines are ideal for commercial applications. If you want to work faster and smarter, pick a vacuum sealer with a larger seal bar. This helps you accommodate multiple bags at once and makes it easy to seal large batches of fish and game meat. A machine with an oil pump is also a great option for better performance and versatility than dry pump units.

Which vacuum sealer is ideal for light-duty use?

External Machines are ideal for light-duty use. If you are sealing a few batches of fish and game meat, they are a cost-effective choice.

Which vacuum sealer is ideal for Sous Vide?

Chamber machines are a great choice for sous vide cooking because of their versatility. You can package liquids easily, and with multiple seal bars, you can package large batches faster.

External machines can be used for vacuum sealing foods for sous vide, but they can’t handle liquid-rich items as effectively as chamber machines.


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