The 13 Best Recliners for a Tall Person

While being tall is an admirable trait, it comes with its fair share of struggles. Finding furniture to comfortably fit tall frames is one of them. If you are one of those tall people who find it hard to fit in and relax in a regular recliner without scrunching your body up – this post is for you!

In this review, we present a list of our best picks for recliners for tall people, from those available on the market. We have also narrowed down the key features and essential factors to be considered to help you in your search for the perfect tall person recliner for you. 

Here we go!

The Best Recliners for a Tall Person – My Top Picks 

Top ProductsRatingColor
1. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner4.3Saddle
2. Lane Stallion (Extra Large) Big Man Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner4.4Gray
3. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver4.3Walnut
4. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair4.3Chocolate
5. Lane Home Furnishings Stallion Recliner4.2Burnt Tan
6. Lifestyle Power Recliner4.1Taupe
7. BONZY Recliner Classic Power Lift Chair 4.1Chocolate
8. Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner4.0Black

1. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner

Brand: Signature Design by Ashley| ASIN: B072VLKC4P| Item Number: 1090012| Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 42.63 inches

Product Best Features: Luxurious and comfortable, has dual motors for the back and footrest and comes with remote control.

This premium-quality leather recliner is our top pick for its superior comfort, stylish look, functionality, and support for tall people. The remote-control operated recliner has a power-lift feature that lets you lower, raise, and adjust the chair’s positions. Also, the dual motors allow you to control the adjustments of the back and footrest. 

The recliner comes with a battery pack for power backup and tools and an instructions manual for easy assembly. This recliner will make an excellent buy for tall people due to its steel-reinforced sturdy construction, plush, tall, spacious seat, and high weight capacity.

2. Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner

Brand: Lane | ASIN: B07GXPBV8G | Item Number: 4501-190-Gladiator Charcoal 

Product Best Features: This recliner is sturdy and comfy with a wall-saver mechanism, stain-resistant cover, and extra-padded seat and cushions.

With a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds, you can rely on this recliner to rest your tall figure comfortably. The steel coil spring system and steel frame give this recliner the sturdiest support. Moreover, the extra high back and reclining mechanism help it stretch to a capacity of 79 inches, providing lots of space for tall people to rest at ease. 

The seat is deep and spacious with heavy padding and fixed cushions, and a stain-resistant cover made from soft fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. It gets better – you don’t need to worry about this recliner matching with your home decor as it comes in a range of colors to choose from!

3. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

Brand: Lane Home Furnishings | ASIN: B07JHK2FQP | Item Number: 4501-190 Dorado Walnut | Dimensions: 40 x 44 x 48 inches

Product Best Features: A multipurpose recliner that offers high-quality materials and construction and a convenient, noise-free operation.

Whether you are sleeping or just sitting back and relaxing after a long day, this recliner would offer you superior comfort thanks to the C3 pocket coil seating. Besides, the Comfort Cradle Seating technology and heavy padding ensure that you stay seated snugly for hours! 

You can rest easy on this exquisite recliner with a durable and robust construction with its high-quality steel frame, reclining mechanism, and reinforcement. The Power Recline and Lift feature will give you a noiseless and easy operation, and you can choose from a variety of shades to go with your decor.

4. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

Brand: CANMOV | ASIN: B07CWK6DYF  | Dimensions: 39 x 37 x 39.8 inches

Product Best Features: A high-functioning remote-controlled Power Lift recliner with anti-skid cover. 

This power lift recliner would be a valuable piece of furniture for both big and tall men. A heavy-duty metal frame and a powerful single motor help support the weight capacity of 300 pounds. The power lift feature provides an added benefit for the elderly or those with an injury – to get off the seat with minimum effort. 

Another great feature of this recliner is the anti-skid microfiber used to cover the extra comfortable and thick polyester foam cushion. It also has a side pocket to store newspapers and magazines. The package also includes a remote control and a power cord for more convenient use.

5. Lane Home Furnishings Stallion Recliner

Brand: Lane Home Furnishings | ASIN: B07DG76LYS | Item Number: 1407 Stallion 1384-17 | Dimensions: 40 x 44 x 48 inches

Product Best Features: This heavy-duty, durable, and extra-large recliner is suitable for very tall and hefty people.

If you are looking for a robust and sturdy recliner for people with very tall and hefty frames, the Lane Home Furnishings Stallion recliner would be the perfect choice for you. This recliner supports 500 pounds of weight, and its high-quality and rigid structure offers long-lasting stability and strength. With a full recline of 79 inches, it’s big enough to be used as a bed. An added advantage is the wall-saver feature and a 7-gauge steel reclining mechanism.

This recliner would comfortably support large body shapes and lengths and would outlast most competing products on the market!

6. Lifestyle Power Recliner

Brand: Lifestyle | ASIN: B074F3KRCR | Item Number: U1294Z | Dimensions: 39 x 40.5 x 40 inches

Product Best Features: This recliner is a great option for tall and hefty people who want the best features on an affordable budget.

This recliner is feature-packed and comes at an affordable price range. Some of these features include a wall-saver mechanism, a soft and thickly-padded cushion and seat, a built-in USB charging system, and the power recliner feature. The recliner also offers full recliner and full chaise capabilities for maximum comfort and leg support. The soft fabric used and plush foam padding adds to the convenience this recliner offers. 

With a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and spacious dimensions, this is an excellent choice for people with broad and hefty frames who do not want to spend a fortune. It is also easy-to-assemble and lightweight for portability.

7. BONZY Recliner Classic Power Lift Chair 

Brand: BONZY | ASIN: B076BCPQBQ | Item Number: Lift Recliner | Dimensions: 32 x 37 x 41 inches

Product Best Features: A comfortable, durable, and affordable tall person recliner that is remote-controlled and odor-less. 

If you are looking for a recliner for tall people with incredible features that is also affordable, the Bonzy Lift Recliner should be ideal for you. This spacious recliner can withstand the weight of 300 pounds and provides extensive head, neck, and leg support for tall persons. You can use the remote control for reclining at different angles or lifting and tilting the recliner when you want to slide off of it with ease.

The recliner is available in multiple colors to suit your décor and has a soft linen-like covering for a comfortable feel. It is also easy to assemble and the side pocket provides added convenience for storing small things and essentials. This recliner is an absolute recommendation for tall people.

8. Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner

Brand: Serta | ASIN: B01MYEPH0F | Item Number: 55211692224 | Dimensions: 41.25 x 33.75 x 29 inches

Product Best Features: A memory foam recliner for tall people with remote control and full massage capabilities.

Serta is a brand known for memory foam mattresses, and they make terrific recliners too. The memory foam recliner works by providing targeted pressure point support for your body by adjusting to its shape. Another benefit of the memory foam is that it draws heat away from the body, allowing for a more comfortable reclining experience without the formation of hot spots.

This tall recliner can support up to 350 pounds of body weight and gray and black leather covering. Additional features that make this recliner an excellent choice for you include remote-controlled operation, a USB port, and massage capabilities. Minor assembly and some wire connections will be required before you are good to enjoy a relaxing time on this recliner. 

9. Homelegance Laurelton Microfiber Glider Recliner

Brand: Homelegance | ASIN: B00G6IEZBU | Item Number: 9636-1 | Dimensions: 43 x 40 x 40 inches

Product Best Features: A plush and highly-functional recliner with a microfiber cover.

The Laurelton Microfiber recliner by Homelegance is a fantastic piece of furniture that can comfortably seat people with the biggest frames. It is also extremely plush and comfy with a dark brown premium textured microfiber covering. A lever is used for reclining this snug chair, which also glides when not inclined. 

This recliner for tall people has a large-sized seat, arms, and back and can be assembled with ease. This recliner has all you need for some serious lounging!

10. Signature Design by Ashley Hogan Reclining Loveseat

Brand: Signature Design by Ashley | ASIN: B01FFSC1C6 | Item Number: 5780286 | Dimensions: 73 x 44 x 42 inches

Product Best Features: A large and wide recliner that offers maximum comfort and can seat up to two people.

Are you looking for a snug and cozy recliner that can accommodate two people? Signature Design by Ashley has just the right recliner for you. Plush and cushiony with a soft and generously padded seat made from polyester microfiber foam, this recliner would let you get comfy with a loved one. Also, the zero wall mechanism and pull tab reclining allow for easy setup and adjustment. 

Go for this super comfortable recliner if you are looking for a contemporary yet modern design, spacious enough for two!

11. Coaster Home Furnishings Power Lift Recliner

Brand: Coaster Home Furnishings | ASIN: B018FNA44A | Item Number: CO-600397 | Dimensions: 37 x 39 x 41 inches

Product Best Features: A robust recliner with high weight capacity and power lift feature.

This one is a power-packed recliner from Coaster Home Furnishings with a classic look but a lot to offer. It has a heavy-duty weight capacity of 375 pounds, which can support very hefty people’s weight. This recliner comes with a remote control to control and adjust the incline. It also lets you stand up with minimum pressure on your knees and back, making it perfect for those with injuries or who find the movement difficult. 

The recliner is covered in soft, textured fabric and is thickly-padded for the most comfort. This recliner will be the perfect choice for those of you who have mobility issues. 

12. Catnapper Malone Fabric Oversized Lay Flat Recliner

Brand: Catnapper | ASIN: B00PKH4XOW | Item Number: 4257-7-1770-25 | Dimensions: 44 x 38 x 36 inches

Product Best Features: A comfortable and long-lasting Lay Flat recliner for tall persons.

The Catnapper Malone is another large-sized recliner for tall people with Comfort-Gel memory foam. The memory foam supports the pressure points in your neck, hips, and other areas. Another great advantage of the memory foam inserts is that they don’t let the heat build-up even when you sit in the recliner for hours, making this recliner super comfortable.

Moreover, the reinforced frame rails and comfort coil seating help support a substantial weight of up to 400 pounds. The materials used are high-quality, wear-resistant, and tested for quality control purposes to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

13. WATERJOY Massage Recliner Chair

Brand: WATERJOY | ASIN: B0785P248Z | Item Number: Massage Recliner01 | Dimensions: 32″ x (39″-64″) x (40″-32.5″)

Product Best Features: A recliner with massage modes, a heating element, and multi-level reclining options.

This recliner takes luxury and comfort to the next level by offering a heating mechanism and five massage modes in addition to the ability to focus the massage on specific body parts or the entire body! The massager switches off automatically in 25 minutes, and you can adjust the heating and the backrest to multiple reclining levels according to your desired comfort level.

This exquisite leather recliner can withstand the weight of up to 300 pounds. A sturdy steel base and soft padding covered in black PU leather make it durable and easy maintenance. The recliner is lightweight and easy to assemble with a side pocket for storing small items. 

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the right recliner can feel like a significant investment, as it is not just a piece of furniture that sits in your living room, but it is probably something you will use every day and has an impact on your posture and your lifestyle. If you are a tall person, it might seem a little extra hard to find a recliner that fits your needs without having to break the bank. You need to consider several things before choosing the right recliner for yourself; otherwise, you may find yourself replacing the piece of furniture again and again over the years.  

Features to look for when buying a recliner for a tall person

Size and Weight Capacity

Like picking out the right footwear, it is important to find one that fits you properly when buying a recliner. If you are a tall person hunched into a seat designed for average-sized people, you may end up with back pains, cramped legs, or a strained neck. Therefore, the size of your recliner must match the proportions of your body. To do that, you must pay attention to the backrest, footrest, depth, and height of the recliner. The best way to do that is by sitting on the recliner before buying; however, you must analyze the recliner’s dimensions if you purchase the recliner online.

When choosing the recliner’s right size, it is also essential to consider the room’s size in which the recliner would be placed, as you would not want the recliner to take up all the space. 

Many recliners come with a recommended weight capacity mentioned in the manual or on the manufacturer’s website. This weight capacity is especially important to consider if you are tall and weigh more than an average person. Considering any possible weight gains in the future, you must opt for a higher weight capacity than yours. 


Starting from under a hundred dollars going all the way up to thousands of dollars, the price range of recliners varies widely. Having a budget in mind before you go out to purchase can help make sure you do not overspend. Be sure to read reviews and consider the materials used for the manufacture to get the best bargain.


The comfort and durability of your recliner depend significantly on the materials used in it. While the cover matters mostly for comfort, it is crucial to consider the materials used for the frame since that determines how robust and durable the recliner would be in the long run. Steel frames might be more durable than hardwood frames. 

The cover material comes in direct contact with the skin and must be pleasant and comfortable to the touch. Leather is mostly easier to maintain and clean; however, it might feel sticky in the summers. Real leather is also much more expensive than faux leather. Fabric or microfiber, on the other hand, might be softer and more comfortable. 


It is important to review the length, scope, and terms and conditions of the warranty thoroughly before making the purchase. Most recliners come with a 1-year warranty; however, you must be mindful of the conditions which may void the warranty.  

Additional Features and Accessories

Some recliners come with additional features that are also worth considering if you are looking for recliners for specific purposes and your budget allows it. Here are a few of these features and accessories:

Massage Recliners

Some recliners can give you a massage as you sit, typically by rollers or vibrators, which rub and knead your muscles, improving circulation.  Some recliners also come with heating pad cushions that will enhance your blood circulation.

Rocker Recliners

Some recliners can act as rocking chairs and are ideal for households with babies or older people.

Multi-level Reclining

Some recliners allow you to recline at a range of positions for outstanding support and comfort, all the way up to 180 degrees. 

USB-Charging and Reading Light

Some recliners may have a reading light and a USB Port that allows you to charge your phone or other electronic devices without having to get up from your seat!

Benefits of Using Recliners

  • Comfort: Of all the benefits of a recliner chair, perhaps, comfort tops the list. Large recliners are a lot more comfortable because of their extra padding and plenty of cushioning support. They are also more spacious and can fit anybody and everybody! 
  • Style: Having a recliner in your living room can add to your home’s overall look and make it look more stylish and inviting.
  • Temporary relief from aches and pains: Recliners can offer temporary relief from backache, aching joints, and arthritic pains by taking pressure off your joints. Good posture is essential in ensuring that you are free from discomfort or aching pains. Recliners can help make sure that all the points of your body are adequately and correctly supported. Here’s a detailed guide on Recliners for back pain.
  • Improved Mobility and Circulation: Sitting for extended periods can lead to pooling of blood in your feet, which may cause swelling and stiffness of joints. Recliners can reduce this stiffness and swelling, aiding your mobility. In addition to that, the massage feature or heating pads available in some recliners can further assist blood flow through your body.
  • Stress Reliever: Recliners are ideal for helping you unwind and relieve your stress after a tough day at work. They can be a perfect spot for a short nap and to take a little rest. 
  • Independence: The lift and tilt function of a rise and recliner chair can help you stand up gently, sliding off the seat into a standing position. This feature can reinstate the independence and self-confidence of older adults or people with limited mobility who would otherwise need help and support in standing up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I consider buying a recliner for tall people?

Most of the recliners you would find would be designed to suit people of average heights and body structures. Usually, over six feet tall, people find it challenging to relax for extended periods, with their feet dangling out and postures uncomfortable. Even the headrests and armrests are of no use since they are built for smaller frames. This discomfort can even lead to aches and pains in the body.

To avoid discomfort, you should look for recliners specifically built for tall frames if your height is over six feet.

2. Is sleeping in a recliner OK?

Sleeping in a recliner is mostly safe, given that there is adequate support for your back and neck. Try to keep enough blankets and pillows when you choose to sleep in a recliner to avoid risks.

Moreover, according to a study, some people with conditions like sleep apnea, GERD, or back pain may find it easier to sleep with their heads slightly inclined. This position is better achieved when sleeping in a recliner than in a bed. 

3. How far back can I tilt a recliner?

Some recliners tilt to a certain angle, while others may go back all the way to mimic the flatness of a bed. This means you can also convert them into a bed by throwing in some blankets and pillows and use them for sleeping in. 

Other recliners are operated by the user, who determines the recline’s angles according to their needs and uses. It depends on the kind of recliner you are looking for and the features offered in the one you choose.

4. Why should I consider the type of fabric when buying a recliner?

The fabric used to cover a recliner is essential since it directly affects your comfort and preference level. 

There are various options on the market with leather, cotton, linen, velvet, and synthetics, to name a few. All of these have pros and cons. While leather recliners are the best-looking, the surface tends to stick in the summers and requires regular cleaning. On the other hand, those made of cloth or other materials may be more comfortable and better suited for hot climates.

5. Can sitting in a recliner cause blood clots?

Sleeping in a sitting position on a recliner does not pose any significant risks, according to doctors. However, sitting still for long periods is not recommended, so much so that it becomes uncomfortable and your limbs are motionless for hours. But, if you can comfortably get a good night’s sleep in a recliner and move and recline back as desired, it should not cause harm.

6. Where should my feet be on a recliner?

If you are wondering what your right feet positions should be when you are seated on a recliner, keep this in mind:

When you are sitting in a regular position, make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Try to maintain a 90-degree angle with your legs. This is important for proper blood circulation in the lower body and removes pressure from your lower back and knees.

When sitting in a reclined position, your feet should hang over the footrest of the recliner. This is the most comfortable position as your legs’ weight is distributed evenly throughout a large portion of your legs. That’s why keeping your heels on the footrest becomes uncomfortable after a while.

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