13 Best Rechargeable Spotlights

A trusty spotlight is an essential part of every adventurer’s arsenal.

When you’re in the wild after dark, not only is a spotlight crucial for navigation, but it can also potentially save your life in case of an emergency.

And since you’re putting so much faith in your spotlight, the last thing you want for it is to run out of power. That’s why you need something dependable, like a rechargeable spotlight.

But how do you pick one out of thousands of different options? And which one best suits your needs?

Keep reading to find out!

The Best Rechargeable Spotlights – Our Top 7 Picks

No.Top ProductsBrightnessWaterproof
1.Streamlight 44900 Waypoint Spotlight1,000 lmIPX8
2.Novostella Rechargeable Spotlight1,000 lmIPX4
3.STANLEY FATMAX Rechargeable LED Spotlight2,200 lmNo
4.Eornmor High Power Flashlight6,000 lmIPX4
5.IKAAMA Super Bright LED Spotlight 6,000 lmIPX4
6.Hallomall 15W 24LED Spotlight900 lmIPX5
7.CSNDICE 35W Rechargeable Spotlight6,000 lmIPX5

1. Streamlight 44900 Waypoint Spotlight with 12V DC Power Cord

Brand: Streamlight | Item No: 44910 | ASIN: B0089UZEEK | Weight: 2.2 pounds

Best Features:

  • Powerful 1,000 lumens C4 LED
  • The battery can be recharged over 800 times
  • Robust IPX4-rated polycarbonate shell

A versatile and sturdy spotlight from a well-reputed company, the Streamlight Waypoint is an excellent all-around product with lots to love.

Featuring Streamlight’s exclusive C4 LED technology, the spotlight can reach a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens and has 50,000 hours total lifetime. It features high, medium, and low mode, with runtimes of 3 hours, 6 hours, and 60 hours respectively.

The spotlight is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can charge from zero to full in just 4 hours and can be recharged up to 800 times altogether. All the components are housed together in a sturdy polycarbonate housing with an IP4X waterproof certification and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens.

2. Novostella Rechargeable 1000LM Spotlight

Brand: Novostella | ASIN: B01NCUL2N5 | Weight: 2.15 Pounds

Best Features:

  • Dual lamps – Front spotlight and side floodlights
  • Big 4,000mAh battery for longer runtime
  • Very versatile and stylish – perfect for camping

The Novostella rechargeable spotlight is for power users participating in outdoor-oriented activities such as camping or hunting trips.

It features a front light and also a sidelight. The front light has two intensities, 1000 Lumens and 500 Lumens. On the other hand, the sidelight is capable of 500 and 250 lumens. The high-power mode gives between 2 to 2.5 hours of runtime, while the low-power mode provides around 4 to 5 hours.

Inside the spotlight is a 4000mAh rechargeable battery that powers both the light and your smartphone through the output port. Also, the spotlight is IPX4 waterproof.

3. STANLEY FATMAX Rechargeable 2200 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Spotlight

Brand: Stanley | ASIN: B00OU67Z80 | Weight: 2.05 Pounds

Best Features:

  • Excellent brightness with a max range of 2,200 lumens
  • Ergonomic and comfortable pistol-grip design
  • Supports charging through both AC and DC circuits

Powered with a powerful 10-watt LED bulb, the Stanley Fatmax is a super-bright and handy flashlight for everyday use. The delivers up to 2,200 Lumens of light at its maximum, which can be useful in pitch-black environments or outdoor areas.

The spotlight uses a lithium-ion battery that can power the spotlight for almost 7 hours in low mode and 1 hour at its highest setting. A rather useful feature of the Fatmax is support for both AC and DC circuits, so you can remotely charge it from your car or plug it into the socket at your home.

Overall, it has a solid construction, though it isn’t waterproof. The pistol-grip design makes the spotlight very ergonomic, and the triggers allow users to switch between three modes; high, medium, and low. It’s a very trusty and reliable spotlight that provides excellent value to the average user for the price.

4. Eornmor High Power Outdoor Handheld Portable Flashlight

Brand: Eornmor | Item No: YLM-8801S | ASIN: B01G1JU4TK | Weight: 1.1 pounds

Best Features:

  • Extremely bright – reaches 6,000 lumens at max
  • Massive 9,000mAh battery that doubles as a power bank
  • Comfortable handle and sturdy body

The Eornmor High Power Portable Flashlight isprobably the best high-powered spotlight in this range, sporting a maximum luminosity rating of 6000 lumens. Having two brightness modes, it’s capable of an impressive 2600ft illumination range.

Powered by a 9000mAh battery, the flashlight can keep up for almost 8 hours in high power-mode and 24-hours in a low-power, 2500 lumens mode. Otherwise, the battery is capable of charging your smartphone in emergencies.

The flashlight sports a super-comfortable design and comes with a hand strap, making it easier to carry around for long durations. It’s IPX4 waterproof, so using it in the rain or wet environments is no issue at all, either.

5. IKAAMA Super Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight Rechargeable

Brand: IKAAMA | Item No: K6 | ASIN: B07Q61NR6D | Weight: 1.54 pounds

Best Features:

  • Max brightness of 6,000 lumens
  • Huge 10,000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Multiple modes for convenience and versatility

This multi-purpose spotlight is essential for outdoor camping and hunting trips. The Ikaama LED spotlight features a C2 LED lamp that can reach a maximum brightness of 6000 lumens and can have an illumination distance of 800 meters.

While it makes for a powerful spotlight, it also doubles as a lantern with its separate side lamps. The main spotlight has three modes; high, medium, and low, while the side lamps have two. Unlike others, the Ikaama spotlight features a flashing modefor use during navigation or emergencies.

The spotlight sports a 10,000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that also doubles as a power bank. Other than that, the body is made from a sturdy aluminum alloy and is IPX4 waterproof, so a little bit of rain or water splashes are likely to cause any damage.

6. Hallomall [15W 24LED] Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights

Brand: Hallomall | Item No: GD-929 | ASIN: B015E6M23C | Weight: 2.05 pounds

Best Features:

  • Conventional floodlight design – perfect for outdoors
  • Powerful 15W output for outstanding illumination
  • Strobe function for emergencies

Unlike others, the Hallomall Spotlight strongly resembles a typical floodlight yet still has the same features as any other spotlight on our list.

One of the best things about this spotlight is how versatile the design is. You could place it on the ground in numerous positions, carry it with the handle, or even hang it from a hook. Made from aluminum alloy, theIPX5 is waterproof and can rotate up to 360°.

This light has 24 LED’s with a collective output of 15-watts. You can switch between three modes; high, low, and a strobe mode. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the spotlight and also has two USB output ports at the back to charge your smartphone. 

7. CSNDICE 35W Rechargeable Spotlight

Brand: CSNDICE | Item No: 0809 | ASIN: B074P5N3RG | Weight: 1.1 pounds

Best Features:

  • Incredible max brightness of 6,000 lumens
  • Full-money back guarantee and one year warranty
  • Ergonomic handle + comes with a shoulder strap

If it’s value for the money you’re looking for, then the CSNDICE 35W Rechargeable Spotlight is an option you should strongly consider.

This spotlight featuresa compact and convenient design and an IPX4-rated waterproof body made to endure the harshest conditions. The handle is comfortable,and the shoulder strap makes it even more convenient to carry the spotlight.

It’s powered by a CREE LED lamp that produces a maximum output of 6,000 lumens, giving you a range of 800 meters. Apart from that, it sports a 9,000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has output ports for charging other devices. Such is the brand’s trust in their spotlight that they offer a one-year warranty and a full money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

8. BUYSIGHT Rechargeable spotlight

Brand: Buysight | Item No: B743 | ASIN: B07QC2ZBB4 | Weight: 1.68 pounds

Best Features:

  • Super-versatile – Lantern & spotlight in one
  • Impact-resistant aluminum alloy construction
  • Powerful 6,000 lumens max brightness

Probably the most impressive aspect of the Buysight Rechargeable Spotlight is versatility. It’s a handheld pistol-grip spotlight, a standing spotlight, and a lantern, all in one package!

The spotlight featuresspecial LED’s from CREE that can shine at a max brightness of 6,000 lumens for up to 10 hours on a full charge. The side floodlights double as a lantern or a warning light that flashes in blue and red. All of the lights are powered by a 9,000mAh battery that can charge your devices through the output ports.

While the Buysight is a handheld pistol-grip spotlight, it can also be attached to a tripod stand to convert it into a hands-free work light or floodlight. The body is an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for maximum durability and weight-savings. Each Buysight Spotlight comes with a lifetime guarantee and a 24-hours online after-sales service so that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase.

9. LE Rechargeable LED Camping Spotlight and Lantern

Brand: LE | Item No: 3300006 | ASIN: B00Y8AHZYC | Weight: 1.87 Pounds

Best Features:

  • Floodlight and spotlight in one package
  • Emergency strobing red and blue side lamps
  • Great reviews and satisfaction from customers

Lightning Ever is one of the most well-reputed brands in the lighting industry, and its LED Camping Spotlight is proof of that. Having a 4.7 average rating by over 4,500 reviewers on Amazon, it’s one of the most successful spotlights currently on sale.

The main spotlight is powered by Cree’s T6 LED lamp, which has a max brightness of 1,000 lumens and can shuffle between two modes; high and low. On one side, there’s a floodlight which turns the spotlight into a lantern, while on the other side, there are red flashing LED’s which are useful for emergencies.

Inside the spotlight, there’s a 3,600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery that also doubles as a power bank. The housing is solid, and the spotlight is IPX4 waterproof rated. It’s an excellent two-in-one spotlight and lantern that’s perfect for outdoor trips, especially during the night.

10. Odear Super Bright Torch Searchlight

Brand: Odear | Item No: F3-95B | ASIN: B071VD4TNT | Weight: 14.8 ounces

Best Features:

  • Incredibly bright with a max range of 6,000 lumens
  • Sturdy construction with IPX5 certification
  • Excellent maximum runtime of 26 hours

Rugged spotlights are usually a better option for outdoor use. If you’re looking for a nearly indestructible spotlight with plenty of features, the Odear Super Bright Searchlight is the one for you.

Created from high-strength ABS plastic, the spotlight can withstand lots of drops and harsh conditions. It’s IPX5 waterproof, a step over other IPX4 rated spotlights, and is protected from water, moisture, dust, and other external agents.

The spotlight features Cree’s LED lamps that can go up to 6,000 lumens in high mode and 1,000 lumens in low mode. It’s powered by a 9,800mAh rechargeable battery that keeps the spotlight running for 16-26 hours on a single charge. If you’re purchasing the spotlight for emergencies, fishing trips, use in the rain, the Odear Spotlight won’t let you down.

11. YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight

Brand: Yierblue | Item No: YB-953 | ASIN: B07XQCJXNY| Weight: 1.4 pounds

Best Features:

  • Extremely versatile and powerful
  • Humongous 10,000mAh battery
  • Flexible design and ergonomic grip

The Yierblue rechargeable spotlight is another outstanding option with lots of versatility and value for money. It’s a combination of three different products; a high-power spotlight, an LED lantern, and a strobing warning light.

How versatile is it? The main body features a pistol-grip design for easy handling. You can mount it on a tripod for hands-free use orstand it up and use the side lamps as lanterns or warning lights.

Like most high-quality spotlights, the Yierblue is also powered by Cree’s LED’s that can produce a maximum output of 6,000 lumens. It has a massive 10,000mAh battery that can is useful for charging your devices and gives the spotlight a runtime of 20+ hours on average. It’s also IPX4 waterproof, so splashes and rain are likely to cause it zero harm.

12. PowerSmith PSL10700W 700 Lumen Waterproof LED Spotlight

Brand: PowerSmith | Item No: PSL10700W | ASIN: B00QKFYQEA | Weight: 2.38 pounds

Best Features:

  • Water-resistant up to 10-feet
  • Strong 700 lumens brightness
  • Comfortable grip and holding position

When you’re working in wet conditions, you need a spotlight that can handle more than just rain and water spills. And the PowerSmith Rechargeable Spotlight is built exactly to fulfill that purpose.

Completely waterproof and submersible in depths of up to 10 feet, the spotlight is a must-have for emergency workers, fishers, and anyone who works in severe weather conditions. Even if you accidentally drop it into deep water, you won’t have to dive in to retrieve it because it floats on water.

But what’s impressive is that the spotlight is just as powerful as it is robust. The LED lamps can reach a max brightness of 700 lumens and have an illumination distance of 500 meters. It is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can keep the spotlight running for up to 1 ½ hours at max brightness.

13. Rugged Camp Titan X10 Rechargeable Spotlight 

Brand: Rugged Camp | Item No: X10 | ASIN: B07HX4RN6V | Weight: 2.31 pounds

Best Features:

  • Very convenient and versatile
  • Large 4,400mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Solid construction and build-quality

One of the best features of the Rugged Camp Titan X10 is its multi-purpose design. Although it has the same recognizable pistol-grip handle, the top of the spotlight also has another handle to carry it for longer without tiring your hand. But that’s not all; the pistol-grip handle itself contains a built-in tripod stand that further allows hands-free usage.

While there are multiple ways to mount to the spotlight, it’s also incredibly versatile. The main spotlight sports LED lamps from Cree with a max brightness of 1000 lumens. On the side, there’s a work floodlight when you need to turn the spotlight into a lantern, and also a flashing emergency light for unforeseen emergencies.

As for power, it has a 4,400mAh lithium-ion battery that gives the spotlight a decent runtime and the ability to double as a power bank. The spotlight’s housing is solid, and it’s likely to last for several years at the very least.

Buyer’s Guide

Spotlights are one of the most important tools you can own. From a regular house owner to a professional emergency worker, everyone needs a trusty spotlight that they can rely on in pitch-black darkness.

However, finding the right one can be a bit tricky. Not only because each user is different, but also because there are tons of other options available in the market. So how do you filter your way through to pick the one which suits you best?

Factors To Consider

The first step to choosing the ideal spotlight is becoming familiar with the spotlight itself. You need to differentiate between the hundreds of products, and the way to do so is to know the common factors that each spotlight shares. 

Here are some of the most important ones in spotlights arranged in descending order:


Would you buy a spotlight as an emergency worker that could barely illuminate an object 20-meters away? Probably not. That’s because the primary purpose of a spotlight is to have piercing-brightness and a range that extends several hundred meters. After all, that’s why you’re purchasing a spotlight and not a regular flashlight.

Brightness is measured in Lumens. Most decent spotlights will have a minimum intensityof 1,000 Lumens, though some high-power ones can even reach 6,000 Lumens!

Similarly, a spotlight with high brightness will also have a more extended illumination range. Spotlights that can reach 1,000 Lumens will illuminate objects from as far as 130-meters or 430-feet. However, high-power spotlights that can illuminate at6,000 Lumens will reach distances up to 800-meters or 2600-feet!

Do note that having a spotlight that can reach 6,000 Lumens isn’t necessary. However, it can come in handy if you need it for overnight outdoor trips such as hunting, fishing, or camping. A high-power spotlight is more useful for emergency workers who perform retrieval missions and other duties in pitch-dark conditions. 

Battery Capacity

All those LED’s need power. While typical spotlights rely on alkaline cells for power, rechargeable spotlights use lithium-ion batteries, kind of like what we find in smartphones.

When purchasing spotlights, you need to look at two things regarding batteries; their capacity and runtime. Most good quality spotlights should have around 5,000mAh to 10,000mAh capacity at max. However, a 6,000 Lumens spotlight will only last for one or two hours on a 5,000mAh battery before dying. That’s where runtime comes in.

Runtime is how long a spotlight can stay on. Ideally, a good spotlight should have a runtime of 5-8 hours at maximum brightness. As the power and level of brightness increases, the higher the capacity should be of the spotlight. At 6,000 Lumens, a 10,000mAh battery is the perfect choice as it helps it run non-stop for 8+ hours.

Having extra battery capacity is also very helpful in emergency cases. If you’re stranded, and your phone’s battery dies, you could quickly charge it with the external ports on the spotlight.

Build Quality

Most spotlights receive quite a bit of mistreatment from their owners regularly. Since they aren’t exactly on the list of ‘fragile tools,’ spotlights need to be made tough and resistant to drops, water, and all sorts of abuse.

ABS plastic is a common material used for creating housings for spotlights. They’re quite robust, prone to breaking easily and can absorb quite a bit of impact. Alloys areeven better than ABS plastic. Metal alloys are super-rugged and can sustain lots of damage without wearing or tearing much, which helps them last longer than spotlights made from other materials.

Waterproofing is also another factor you should consider. You’ll likely drop water on your spotlight or need to use it in the rain. In those cases, a waterproof spotlight can prove to be a life-saver and will also keep internals safe from other agents such as dust.


Long gone are the days when tools and appliances used to serve a single purpose, and the same is the case with spotlights. Today, most spotlights will have multiple uses and features that significantly increase their versatility and functionality.

One such example is the side lamp. Many spotlights on the market today are composed of two lights; a spotlight at the front and a LED bar lamp at the side. This side lamp is usually of a lower brightness but works perfectly as a lantern for nearby areas.

Also, you can find spotlights that also contain warning lamps these days. Like side lamps, warning lamps havecolored LED’s that can flash to warn other drivers of a car parked on the side road. These can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, especially during night time.

Many manufacturers have innovated design-wise as well. You can get spotlights that can be attached to tripod stands or spotlights with pistol-grips for easy handling along with many other design features enhancing their functionality and making them convenient no matter the environment.


What is the difference between spotlights and floodlights?

Spotlights project a narrow but longer beam that can travel several hundred meters. Floodlights produce a much broader beam and are used to illuminate a wider area.

How long does the battery last of rechargeable spotlights?

Most spotlights use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the same type of batteries we have in our smartphones. These are usually made for 1000 cycles, meaning that they can be charged from zero to full about 1000 times.

How much is IPX4 waterproof rating?

Devices with IPX4 waterproof rating are resistant to water splashes and medium-intensity rain. However, do not submerge spotlights with IPX4 rating in water or use them in heavy rain.

How much brightness is good for spotlights?

For the average user, 1,000 Lumens is more than enough power as it can illuminate objects from a distance of up to 130-meters. If you’re using it for emergency work, more brightness can be useful as well.

Do LED spotlights get hot?

Spotlights with LEDs run a lot cooler than any other type of light source. However, they can become warm after an extended period of continuous use.

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