The 7 Best Flannel Sleeping Bags

When you’re camping outdoors, the last thing you want is to freeze to death because your sleeping bag wasn’t warm enough.

That’s why flannel is such a popular material to line the interior of sleeping bags. Not only does it use your own body heat to keep you warm, but it’s also super-comfortable and soft.

But which flannel sleeping bag should you buy? How do you know which is best suited for you?

We’ve listed our top 13 picks and created a special buyer’s guide, so you can choose the flannel sleeping bag that suits you best.

So if you’re ready, let’s dive in!

The Best Flannel Sleeping Bags – Our Top 7 Picks

Top ProductsTemperatureLength
1. ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood – 10 Degree Sleeping Bag-10°C/14°F80”
2. Bessport Flannel-Lined Green Sleeping Bag Winter-5°C/23°F82.5”
3. Coleman Green Valley Cool Weather Sleeping Bag-1°C/30°F75”
4. KingCamp Oasis Sleeping Bag-4°C/24°F86.5”
5. KingCamp XL Sleeping Bag6℃/43℉86.5”
6. TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag-18°C/0°F90”
7. RISEPRO Flannel Sleeping Bag Lightweight-5°C/23°F86.5”

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood -10 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag

Brand: ALPS OutdoorZ | Item No: 4073307 | ASIN: B00358VVFM | Weight: 11.5 pounds

It’s hard to find a sleeping bag that checks all boxes. , but the Alps OutdoorZ Redwood -10 Degree Sleeping bag comes close. The Alps bag simply exceeds expectations, whether it’s size, warmth, comfort, or practicality.

It features a spacious rectangular design that spans 80 inches in height and 38 inches in width. For the average person who’s about 5’10 tall, this will do nicely. The bag has three layers; an outer canvas shell, a tech-loft silver insulation layer in the middle, and a comfy flannel interior lining. While the bag is uncompromised in terms of warmth, the interior is super-comfy, and the weight adds to its coziness.

The bag is somewhat bulky to carry, but the quick release straps make it easy to travel with. If there’s any bag that we’d recommend with our eyes closed, it would have to the Alps OutdoorZ Redwood -10 Degree Bag.

2. Bessport Flannel-Lined Green Sleeping Bag Winter

Brand: Bessport | ASIN: B084Z65ZX5 | Weight: 4.6 pounds

No matter the weather or environment you’re camping in, the Bessport Flannel-Lined Sleeping Bag has your back. The amount of comfort and warmth the bag provides, combined with its completely weather-proof exterior, makes it one of the most rugged sleeping bags out there. 

Compared to other sleeping bags, the Bessport flannel bag’s 82-inch height makes it far more spacious and perfect for taller people. On the inside, the flannel lining makes the bag super-plush and perfect for colder temperatures. And on the outside, the 220T ripstop polyester shell prevents water and moisture from seeping into the bag while also protecting it against damage caused by sharp rocks and sticks.

The Bessport Flannel bag also comes with many bells and whistles, like a drawstring hood, a 2-way zipper, and a handy compression bag. And for your contentment, Bessport includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a very professional customer support team.

3. Coleman Green Valley Cool Weather Adult Sleeping Bag

Brand: Coleman | Item No: SS-SMS-76565 | ASIN: B00363V534 | Weight: 5.4 Pounds

If you’re looking for an excellent all-weather sleeping bag that’s both rugged and durable, look no further than Coleman’s Green Valley Sleeping Bag. The bag offers tons of features at a relatively affordable price, making it an excellent pick for any customer.

Its three-layer construction provides the perfect balance between comfort and durability. All of the layers are secured with Coleman’s Fiberlock Construction, which significantly enhances the durability of your sleeping bag. Thanks to the cozy flannel interior lining, it offers a comfortable and plush sleeping experience in all terrains. The bag is rated for temperatures between 10⁰F to 30⁰F, so it might not suffice in freezing weather. 

Apart from that, the bag is spacious enough for people of average height. The bag is very practical and packs quite easily. For the price, it’s hard to complain about any specific thing. But in general, the Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag is an excellent pick for the average consumer.

4. KingCamp Oasis Sleeping Bag

Brand: KingCamp | Item No: KS8015 | ASIN: B0773DRDX7 | Weight: 3.6 Pounds

Finding a sleeping bag that’s comfortable, durable, and affordable at the same time is quite difficult. However, KingCamp meets all those criteria with their amazing Oasis Sleeping Bag. The bag combines a waterproof 190T polyester outer shell with an exceptionally soft 100% cotton interior flannel lining. Not only is the bag able to resist water and wear, but it remains soft and warm on the inside.

The bag is also 86-inches long, making it a terrific choice for taller individuals who struggle with space in sleeping bags. In terms of practicality, the bag features a 2-way reverse zip, which allows you to combine two of these into a double bag, a handy carry bag, and an adjustable drawstring hood. For the price, this bag is an excellent choice for taller individuals that want a spacious and comfortable sleeping bag on a budget.

5. KingCamp XL Sleeping Bag

Brand: KindCamp | ASIN: B086TQ9515 | Weight: 4.6 Pounds

Lack of space is a common complaint among those who frequently use sleeping bags. Luckily, KingCamp has listened and made this upsized sleeping bag that measures 86-inches tall and almost 40-inches wide. Despite its increased volume, by no means is this bag any less warm or comfortable as smaller sleeping bags.

It has a 100% flannel lining on the inside, making it both cozy and plush, and a 210T polyester lining on the outside to secure the bag against water and cold. Despite the large size, the bag still weighs just 4.6 lbs. and packs very conveniently in the compression bag. The insulation makes it more than suitable for temperatures between 54⁰F and 17⁰F. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost a fortune, making it worth the few extra bucks you’d have to spend

6. TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag

Brand: Teton | Item No: 104R | ASIN: B076X5W8JB | Weight: 8.5 Pounds

There aren’t sleeping bags out there that as good as the Teton Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag. Offering unmatched space, comfort, and practicality, the sleeping bag outclasses most brands just by its quality and durability.

The bag spans 90-inches tall and 39-inches wide, making it one of the most spacious single-person sleeping bags on the market. The warm flannel lining and plush fiber filling make the bag as comfy and soft as the mattress on your bed. On the outside, the bag’s canvas shell protects it against water and helps it withstand wear and tear. 

As for extra features, the bag has a mummy-style hood that also doubles as a pillow. There are pockets on the inside for storing your valuables and three built-in straps to roll and store the bag securely. While the Deer Hunter does cost a little more than the average sleeping bag, it won’t disappoint, especially if you’re taller than the average person.

7. RISEPRO Flannel Sleeping Bag Lightweight

Brand: Risepro | ASIN: B08MFRH292 | Weight: 3.3 Pounds

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a high-end sleeping bag, the Risepro Flannel Sleeping Bag is just the product for you. With a dimension of 86 x 28 inches, the bag has plenty of room for the average adult to get a comfortable sleep. The bag’s exterior is made from 210T polyester ripstop fabric that’s both waterproof and extremely durable. There’s a hollow fiber filling in the middle and a flannel lining on the inside that offers both comfort and warmth. 

Despite the low price, the Risepro flannel bag is packed with practical features. It uses a two-way zipper, the mummy-style hood has a drawstring, there are Velcro locks to secure the bag, and you also get a handy little carrying bag. The bag has a temperature rating of 23°F-60°F, making it perfect for year-round use. For the price, the Risepro flannel bag provides unmatched value, and the cool features make it one of the best budget sleeping bags on the market. 

8. AgeMore Cotton Flannel Double Sleeping Bag

Brand: AgeMore | ASIN: B08J6TDV71 | Weight: 7.05 Pounds

The AgeMore Flannel Double Sleeping Bag is one of the best all-around models in an affordable range for couples who camp and adventure together. Being a double bag, it offers plenty of room to move and sleep comfortably. The bag stands 86-inches tall, which is more than tall enough for people of average height, yet still packs compactly and weighs just 7 lbs. 

Like most premium sleeping bags, this one’s also made from 210T high-count polyester that provides protection against water and moisture. The interior is lined with brushed flannel, which provides a comfy environment, and the synthetic fiber filling helps trap heat and warmth inside. While the AgeMore Sleeping Bag is made for two people, it can be folded down for single use. It features reverse zips on both sides, comes with a handy compression sack, and is rated for temperatures between 32-59℉. 

9. Stansport 524-100 Weekender Sleeping Bag

Brand: Stansport | Item No: 524-100 | ASIN: B01L456KTO | Weight: 1 Pound

The Stansport Weekender is a simple, straight-to-the-point high-quality sleeping bag. Produced by Stansport, one of the oldest names in the camping gear industry, the bag meets the needs of most adventurers at an affordable price. It features a rugged polyester outer shell with a soft flannel interior to provide durability, comfort, and warmth.

The synthetic polyester filling offers a decent amount of insulation in both wet and dry conditions. However, it may not be suitable in extremely cold weather, because the bag is only rated for temperatures between 30-40°F. Its 75-inch height will suffice for people of average height but might fall short for those over 6 feet tall. Despite that, the Stansport Weekender is still one of the most durable and affordable sleeping bags you can buy.

10. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag

Brand: Teton | Item No: Teton110-iParents | ASIN: B00807TNB2 | Weight: 16.5 Pounds

For the ultimate bed-like sleeping experience in the wild, the Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag offers a queen-size space with the same comfort and warmth as your own mattress. And no, we aren’t joking here. The sleeping bag is 92-inches tall and 62-inches wide, larger than standard queen-size mattresses. 

But space isn’t its only noticeable feature. The bag is constructed from the finest brushed flannel and a taffeta outer shell for maximum insulation and protection. It traps heat exceptionally well, and the hollow fiber filling makes the bag as plush and comfy as a real mattress. Other features include a mummy hood, high-quality two-way zippers, draft tubes, and shoulder padding. And to top it off, you get a limited lifetime warranty from Teton for complete satisfaction.

11. Wakeman Outdoors Sleeping Bag

Brand: Wakeman | Item No: 75-CMP1073 | ASIN: B07QM246JX | Weight: 6.7 Pounds

An excellent pick for tall peopl struggling to find an appropriate-sized sleeping bag on a low-budget, the Wakeman Outdoors Sleeping bag allows the above-average person to sleep comfortably, no matter where they camp. Its impressive span of 90 x 36 inches leaves enough room for anyone under 7 feet to comfortably fit in and still have room to wiggle their toes and change positions. 

It’s made from some of the most rigid materials on the market, such as a 210T polyester waterproof shell and a bonded fiberfill. On the inside, the 100% cotton flannel lining traps plenty of heat and offers a ton of comfort. And despite the massive size, the sleeping bag packs light and compact inside the carrying bag that comes along with it. But the best part is that it only costs a few more bucks than most single sleeping bags in the market, which makes it a steal for those who prioritize space and comfort. 

12. KingCamp 3-in-1 Cotton Adult Alpine 3 Season Sleeping Bag

Brand: KingCamp | Item No: 6927194752802 | ASIN: B089ZFJ72Y | Weight: 9.2 Pound

One of the most versatile sleeping bags out there, the KingCamp Alpine not only shines as a rugged outdoor camp sleeping bag but also as a cozy blanket or mattress. The bag is made from cotton both inside and out, with a 100% khaki exterior shell and a 100% cotton flannel interior lining. It’s lined with a plush yet dense polyester fleece material that helps trap plenty of heat.

It’s also worth noting that the KingCamp Alpine is also in line with some of the largest sleeping bags out there. With a height of 90-inches, the bag suffices for most people under 6.5 feet. It also allows you to remove the flannel liner from the exterior shell to use both separately and detach the headrest, which doubles as a pillow. Lastly, you also get a full year warranty with access to customer support for complete satisfaction.

13. Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag

Brand: Coleman | Item No: 2000008710 | ASIN: B004J2FB5Y | Weight: 9.19 Pounds

The name of the Coleman Big & Tall says it all. It’s one of the toughest, warmest, and frankly one of the most durable sleeping bags out there. The bag features five pounds of hollow-fiber insulation, a unique zip design to trap heat, and a super-cozy flannel interior, making the bag perfect for temperatures as low as 10°F or -12°C. 

But the bag isn’t only good at trapping heat. You can find tons of small design nuances within the sleeping bag, such as a smooth zipper design, FiberLock stitching to secure insulation, Comfort Cuff which act as pillows, and much more. It’s also worth noting that the bag spans 84 x 40 inches, making it super-spacious for anyone under 6’4. And since it’s a Coleman product, you get a limited 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Buyer’s Guide

A warm, comfortable, and compact sleeping bag is one of the most important items in any adventurer’s arsenal. aA good sleeping bag should help you sleep well and leave you refreshed and energetic; ready to face a new day.

However, purchasing the ‘perfect’ sleeping bag is easier said than done. With hundreds of competing brands in the market, you never know which one will fit your needs. That’s why we’re here not only to list down our top choices, but also to help you choose a sleeping bag that suits you best. So, if you’re ready, let’s get into it!

Factors to Consider

Picking the right sleeping bag can seem very confusing, especially if you’re new to the market. However, you need to consider only a handful of important factors to select a sleeping bag that’s perfect for you. They are as follows:


Nobody wants their feet or head sticking out and freezing. That’s why your priority should be to look for a sleeping bag that’s right for your height. Ideally, your goal should be to look for a bag that’s around 4 to 5 inches taller than your height. So for someone who’s about 6 feet tall, a sleeping bag that’s roughly 6’5–6’7 or 77–79 inches should suffice. 

Fortunately, most sleeping bags on our list are at least 80-inches tall, which should be perfect for most people in the 6-foot height range, while the biggest ones extend up to 90-inches. The width of the sleeping bag is also a crucial factor to consider. Most sleeping bags average around 30–40 inches, which leaves enough room to move freely without hindering the insulation.

Insulation and Temperature Rating

A sleeping bag consists of three layers; an outer shell, a filling in the center, and an inner lining. All three layers contribute to insulation, with the filling being the most important one. Most sleeping bags use polyester outer shells, which are excellent at heat retention and repelling water. All bags on our list have a cotton flannel lining on the interior, which is both extremely warm, skin-friendly, and soft to touch.

Most bags use a variation of hollow fibers for the center filling, making them both plush and warm. Still, each sleeping bag comes with its own temperature rating, which suggests what temperatures the bag can be used in. 

The majority of the sleeping bags stand in between the 24°F – 50°F range, which roughly equates to -4°C – 10°C. A sleeping bag with this rating should be good enough for most seasons, including summer, fall, and spring camping. But for winters, you should invest in a bag with a minimum rating of at least 10°F. There are models on our list with a rating of 0°F, which means that they can be used in winter camping when the temperature can fall as low as 0°F or -18°C.


Nobody wants to drag around a clunky and hefty sleeping bag on their shoulders. That’s why a good sleeping bag should be light, should pack up small, and be easy to carry. Material and insulation play a huge role in determining weight, which is why warmer sleeping bags made for colder weather tend to be on the heavier side.

Ideally, you should look for a sleeping bag that’s as light as possible. Most manufacturers also mention the dimensions of the bags when rolled up. Luckily, most sleeping bags on our list average around 3 – 7 lbs. or 1.5 – 3 kg, which doesn’t add much weight to your backpack. Most of them come with compression bags and roll straps, making it significantly easier to fold and carry these sleeping bags. 

Other Features

It never hurts to have as many bells and whistles in the product you’re buying. Some functional and rather important features include double-sided zippers, which lets you zip up the bag conveniently whether you’re inside or outside. Most sleeping bags also have mummy-style hoods with an adjustable drawstring. These work great as pillows and can be tightened when you want to protect your head from the cold.

Some bags also come with two-way zippers. This feature allows you to completely open up the bag so you can use it as a mattress at home. Or, you could use the two-way zip to attach two of the same bags and convert them into a double sleeping bag.


Should you use a blanket with a sleeping bag?

Using a blanket with a sleeping bag isn’t necessary as the flannel lining is quite warm in itself. However, you can carry a blanket with you if you expect the weather to drop significantly at night.

How long do sleeping bags last?

A good quality sleeping bag from a well-known brand will probably last around ten years on average, considering you use it regularly every week. 

How often should you wash a sleeping bag?

A sleeping bag should be washed after every 25 to 40 uses on average, depending on where you’re camping and whether the bag had water or anything else spilled over it. 

Should you wear clothes in a sleeping bag?

While wearing or not wearing clothes in a sleeping bag is a debatable topic, it’s a good idea to wear a breathable base layer like long underwear that doesn’t make you sweat.

How can you care for your sleeping bag?

Some basic care tips for sleeping bags include wearing clean clothes when using the bag, airing the bag in the sun after a few uses, and washing the bag properly after every 25 to 40 uses.

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