The 8 Best Beer Mugs For The Freezer

From a nucleated base to double-walled vacuum insulated styles, a high-quality beer mug makes an excellent gift. Nowadays, there are countless types, but we’ve done the research and rounded up the best for all your drinking needs.

Choosing the best beer glasses doesn’t have to be tricky. Read on to discover some of the best beer mugs for the freezer and enhance your home bar with a new set.

The Best Beer Mugs For The Freezer

Top ProductsRatingCapacity
1. Dragon Glassware Insulated Beer Mug4.713.5 ounces
2. Easicozi Double Wall Gel Frosty Freezer Ice Mugs4.616 ounces
3. Bar Brat Insulated Coffee & Beer Mug4.316.9 ounces
4. Patiomos Freezer Ice Beer Mugs4.616 ounces
5. Host Beer Freezer Gel Frozen Pint Glass4.616 ounces
6. Luxail Freezer Double-Wall Beer Mugs4.716 ounces
7. Duck House NFL Crystal Freezer Monster Mugs4.638 ounces
8. Snowfox Stainless Steel Beer Glass4.718-ounce set

1. Dragon Glassware Insulated Beer Mug

This classic glass mug has double-walled insulation to keep your beer chilled for hours. It has a unique design and makes a wonderful choice for beer lovers.

This large capacity monster mug features lead-free, high-quality glass that won’t crack in the dishwasher. Also, it is refrigerator- and freezer-safe and suitable for daily use. If you want to enjoy a chilled beer that retains its taste, this beer mug is for you. It also has a one-year limited warranty and money-back guarantee.

2. Easicozi Double Wall Gel Frosty Freezer Ice Mugs

If you want to enjoy chilled beer by the poolside on hot summer days, this is a freezer mug we highly recommend. The Easicozi acrylic mugs are food-grade and feature a sleek design. These mugs have insulated walls to keep your beer chilled longer. Also, they have a unique double-wall design with an ice-like texture.

These mugs have wide, long handles for big and strong hands. You can freeze these mugs for up to four hours to keep your drinks chilled for about an hour. They have a larger base for added stability and make perfect gifts for someone special.

3. Bar Brat Insulated Coffee & Beer Mug

Drink your favorite craft beer with the best beer mug out there. The Bar Brat beer mug can easily replace your regular steins and tumblers. This stainless steel mug has double-wall insulation that keeps your beer fresh and chilled. Also, it comes with a lid to keep your beer cold longer.

Other amazing features include a handle that remains at room temperature. Lastly, this mug is dishwasher- and freezer-safe and comes with a cocktail recipe book.

4. Patiomos Freezer Ice Beer Mugs

This set of beer mugs is an excellent option for any occasion. With a capacity of 16 ounces, these mugs are suitable for beer or any other beverage. They feature a classic design and have a weighted sham at the bottom for added stability.

These sturdy mugs are freezer- and dishwasher-safe. Also, the mugs have perfectly smooth rims and edges. You can serve chilled beer at dinner parties or share frosty beers with close friends.

5. Host Beer Freezer Gel Frozen Pint Glass

This classic beer mug features BPA-free plastic construction and a silicone band for secure handling. The proprietary freezing gel helps keep your beer chilled for extended periods. Simply put these beer mugs in the freezer to maintain the ideal serving temperature. You don’t have to worry about warm or watered-down drinks with this beer chiller.

This sturdy beer mug is perfect for outdoor use and has an insulated rubber grip for easy sipping. So if you’re looking for functional accessories, you’ll love this beer glass.

6. Luxail Freezer Double-Wall Beer Mugs

Keep your hands warm and your beer cold with these insulated beer mugs. Luxail beer mugs feature a propriety cooling gel that acts as a beer chiller when frozen.

These beer mugs are user-friendly and make perfect gifts for your loved ones. The sturdy plastic construction makes them ideal for the outdoors. You can use Luxail beer mugs for summer backyard barbecues, camping trips, pool parties, and weddings.  

7. XPAC Steel Beer Mug with Lid

This stainless steel mug features a spill-preventing lid for freezer storage. You can put this beer mug in the freezer for as long as possible. It has a rugged, vacuum-insulated design to keep your beer at the ideal temperature. Also, this beer mug has a laser-welded handle and 20 oz. capacity.

This quality beer mug with a sweat-free, lightweight body is ideal for the outdoors. Enjoy your favorite beer that will remain undiluted and cold until the last sip.

8. Lily’s Home Gel-Filled Double Wall Acrylic Freezer Stein Mugs

This double-walled beer mug features freezable crystals. If you’re looking for a durable and reliable choice, Lily’s beer mug is for you. The transparent acrylic material makes it look classy and elegant. Also, it is colorful and easy to handle.

This freezer mug helps keep your beer chilled without ice. It is lightweight and portable and perfect for family trips. Lastly, this mug is dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup. All these features make it one of the best options out there.

9. Duck House NFL Crystal Freezer Monster Mugs

There’s no better combination than NFL and ice-cold beer! Duck House lets you enjoy a chilled beer in a mug bearing your favorite team’s logo. You can get yourself a 36-ounce freezable beer mug to express your love for your team.

This mug features high-quality, BPA-free plastic and has a cooling gel between the walls. It helps keep your beverages chilled without ice. Simply put it in the freezer for half an hour, and enjoy your game with great-tasting, chilled beer.

10. Snowfox Stainless Steel Beer Glass

This sleek beer glass set is lightweight and unbreakable. Lighter weight and sleek design make it comfortable to handle. If you want to keep your beer tasting its best, consider the Snowfox beer glass. Unlike other stainless steel beer mugs and tumblers, Snowfox glasses have a thin rim design for easy sipping. They’re durable and versatile and available in eight different colors.

11. Granatan Freezer Beer Mug

This plastic beer mug is excellent for your home bar and freezer. This mug is made from BPA-free acrylic materials and has non-toxic gel crystals inside its two walls. The gel crystals help keep the beer chilled for longer. You can put this beer mug in the freezer and enjoy a great-tasting chilled beer after an hour or two.

The sturdy design fits comfortably in hands, and the weighted bottom provides stability. Unlike most steel mugs, you won’t have to worry about the acrylic handle coming off. Overall, an excellent mug for a beer you like served chilled.

12. JoyJolt Callen Beer Glasses Set

These traditional glasses from JoyJolt are perfect for your home bar. The glasses are dishwasher-safe and bubble-free, making it possible to put them in a freezer safely.

The thick-rolled glass feels sturdy and helps insulate the beer. If you love pilsners and IPAS, you’ll enjoy the tapered shape of these glasses. These glasses enhance the aromas and flavors of American lagers, pilsners, and blonde ales.

13. Bormioli Rocco 4-Pack Solid Heavy Large Beer Mug Set

The traditional design of these German-inspired beer mugs from Bormioli Rocco makes them a solid addition to any home bar. They’re freezer-safe so that you can enjoy chilled beers every time. Crafted by Italian glass blowers, these mugs hold up to 17 ounces of beer or other beverages.

The ergonomic handle keeps your hand away from cold temperatures, and the weighted bottom provides a sturdy base for the mugs. These heavy-duty mugs are also dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning.

14. Rabbit R5-21308 Freezable Beer Mugs

This set features an innovative cooling gel to keep your beer at a perfect temperature. The freezer mugs are ideal for sipping beer, wine, and soda.

The Rabbit freezer mugs will keep your beverages chilled to the last drop. They feature a comfortable silicone grip and are perfect for outdoor use. Additionally, these mugs protect your hands from the cold. This insulated set makes a fantastic gift for beer lovers. It helps keep your favorite beverages chilled with no dilution and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

15. Luxail Freezer Double-Wall Beer Mugs

Keep your hands warm and your beer cold with these insulated beer mugs. Luxail beer mugs feature a propriety cooling gel that acts as a beer chiller when frozen.

These beer mugs are user-friendly and make perfect gifts for your loved ones. The sturdy plastic construction makes them ideal for the outdoors. You can use Luxail beer mugs for summer backyard barbecues, camping trips, pool parties, and weddings.  

Buyer’s Guide

A freezable mug is a great solution if you want to keep your beer cold without watering it down. These mugs have a double-walled design with cooling gel inside. You can freeze the mug, and the gel will keep your beer cold without diluting it.

Freezable mugs are ideal for BBQs, pool parties, or just relaxing on the deck. But with the wide range of options available, how do you pick the best mugs for your freezer? Factors such as mug construction, size, and style, are all important considerations. In this buying guide, we will examine the features and share additional tips.

Why Buy A Freezable Beer Mug for the Freezer?

Adding ice to beer isn’t a great idea. If the ice melts too quickly, it can dilute the taste of the beverage. So if you want to enjoy a delicious chilled beer, consider buying freezable beer mugs. These mugs feature great insulation to keep your beer cold for longer periods. You don’t need to worry about the water-down taste. With these beer mugs, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy irresistibly chilled beer.

Types of Beer Mugs

Glass Mugs

Regular glass is temperature-sensitive, making it less suitable for the freezer. You may want to look for beer mugs with tempered or borosilicate glass. These mugs are easy to care for and ideal if you want to cool your beer in the freezer. Additionally, these beer mugs are stylish and sturdier in hand. You don’t have to worry about cracking or shattering borosilicate glass because it is tough and shatter-proof. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a great alternative to glass. It looks sleek, stylish, and rugged at the same time. Most stainless steel beer mugs feature double-walled insulation to keep your beer cold for many hours. Plus, these mugs are ideal for hot beverages.


Acrylic beer mugs look exactly like regular glass mugs. But they are sturdier and have a double-wall design for insulation. Also, the double-wall design helps protect your table surfaces from unwanted condensation.

How to Choose Beer Mug For The Freezer

Consider these features when purchasing a beer mug for the freezer:


The size of your beer mug is crucial. You will become frustrated if it’s not at least 10 ounces, which is large enough to hold a bottle of beer. But, if the tumbler is too large, your beer may start to become warm before you finish it. Plus, it may be difficult to find space for it in your freezer.

Type of Insulation

The best beer mugs for the freezer have two walls with a space between them that keeps your beer insulated. The most common insulation type is a freezable gel that can chill a room-temperature beer. The other type features air insulation to keep your drink cold, but it can’t chill your beverages.


Most manufacturers provide information on how long a mug can keep its contents cold. The best beer mugs freeze evenly and keep beer cold for as long as needed.


Beer mugs are manufactured using lead-free borosilicate glass, BPA-free plastic, or acrylic. Plastic and acrylic are rugged and long-lasting, whereas glass is the most elegant. Choose the material that best suits your needs.


Beer mugs are available in different styles and shapes. They can range from traditional mugs to conversation-starting novelty designs. Choose the style that fits your personality or the theme of your event.


Not all freezer mugs feature a lid, but it’s a great bonus. Lids cut down on spills and keep your beer cool for a long time. Look for a beer mug with a leak-proof lid that attaches securely.


Beer mugs for the freezer come in varying depths and sizes. You should choose a model that suits your preferences and needs.  


Some beer mugs closely resemble tumblers. If you enjoy a sleek mug design, make sure you buy a model with a securely attached handle.


Beer mugs fall in the $10 to $20 price range. If you’re purchasing them as a set, the price for each mug will be less than $10. Fancy, large beer mugs usually cost more.

Sets vs. Singletons

Some beer mugs come in sets, and others come as singletons. Your decision depends on whether you are buying beer mugs for personal use or a party.

Can You Freeze Beer?

You can freeze beer, but we don’t recommend it. Frozen beer will become slushy and lumpy. Instead, you can place beer in your freezer for up to an hour or two to get a chilled beer. There are some other tricks to get a perfectly chilled beer. Keep reading to find out more. 

  • Use paper towels or rags.

Soak the paper towels or rags in water. Make sure that you have enough paper towels for each beer mug

  • Wrap your beer in a paper towel or a damp cloth. 

Make sure the middle of each mug is completely covered. Try using two paper towels instead of one for a thicker covering. As the water on the towel evaporates, it draws heat away from the mug for faster cooling and great-tasting beer. 

  • Put the beer in the freezer. 

Your beer should take up to an hour to chill once in the freezer. 


  • Beer mugs are a fun and inexpensive gift idea, especially if you are gifting in the summer. If you are giving a beer mug as a present, check whether it comes with a gift box.
  • Make sure your beer mugs are completely dry before placing them in the freezer. Any water in the mug will freeze and give your beer a watery aftertaste.  
  • Some manufacturers recommend storing beer mugs in the freezer upside down. Check your documentation to verify what is suitable for your mug.
  • If you are planning a pool party, place your mugs in the freezer ahead of time to serve chilled beer when guests arrive. 
  • Going with an expensive beer mug will generally give you better quality assurance.  
  • Wash your beer mug carefully before using it for the first time to remove any shipping residue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to chill beer in the freezer?

Before placing your beer mug in the freezer, cool it down for an hour in the refrigerator. Place the beer mug in the freezer upside down, and keep it away from the cold air inlet. After a couple of hours, remove the mug and fill it with beer to enjoy a delicious flavor.  

Can I store my beer mug in the freezer?

The answer to this may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some beer mugs are designed to be safe when kept in the freezer for extended periods, and other mugs may be damaged if you do this.

How long can I freeze beer?

You can leave your beer in the freezer for an hour or two. And transfer it to the fridge after that to retain the coolness. 

What is a beer head?

Beer head refers to the foam that’s on top of the beer. Its size depends on the amount of protein, yeast, and hop residue present in the beer.

Is freezing gel in freezable beer mugs poisonous?

The gel in freezable beer mugs is non-toxic and biodegradable. It usually contains a polymer or cellulose. Some gels may also include additives like sodium chloride, preservatives, minerals, water, or dye.

Are freezable beer mugs dishwasher-safe?

Yes. Freezable beer mugs are microwave and dishwasher-safe. They’re also BPA-free and safe for the freezer.

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